Aangee Colourant

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  • Cost-Effectiveness: More affordable than precolored ABS and PC.
  • Specialized White Masterbatches: Includes ROMA WHITE for PC and ABS, IFB WHITE, and a variety of custom white shades tailored for ABS and PC applications.
  • High Transparency Masterbatches: Ideal for PC applications requiring crystal clear visibility.
  • Custom Color Range: Extensive selection of custom colors for both PC and ABS.
  • Versatility: Compatible with any company’s natural granules of PC and ABS, offering flexibility in use.
  • Inventory Efficiency: Eliminates the need for stocking various precolored granules.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: High gloss finish with bright and shiny colors.
  • Durability: High heat stability and improved weather resistance.
  • Consistent Quality: Ensures consistency of shade every time.